Letter to Parents
Dear Children’s Co-op families,

It was wonderful to see you all last week at Children’s Cooperative Preschool’s first parent meeting of the school year. We look forward to getting to know you and your family throughout the year.

As we mentioned last week, at the end of the month you will be registered as a student at Whatcom Community College. Please take advantage of college services & student discounts by getting your Orca student card.

Also, last week we reviewed the health & safety practices that are required by our insurance company for volunteers working in the classroom.

If you were unable to attend the meeting, please have any family member volunteering in the classroom to view the safety video.  After viewing the video, please submit this safety quiz to abonner@Whatcom.ctc.edu prior to your first volunteer day.

Please also make sure your that your immunization records are updated with the school. Children will not be able to attend school unless their immunization records (or signed exemptions) are on file.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Parenting Education Program

Alisson Bonner, M.Ed.

Carolina Olza-Kelsh, M.S.

For more information about the Parent Education Program and recommended resources, please review program poster and the program information sheet.

Safety Videos
This video is part of the training for parents to be in the classroom.  Thanks for watching and see you in the classroom!  After viewing the video, you can test yourself on its content by taking this quiz.

Parent Meetings
In addition to participating in the “lab” as a classroom parent helper, parents are required to complete 9 parenting education activities per year (i.e. attend Parenting Meetings), to receive course credit. If a parent is unable to attend a parent meeting, he/she must complete a make-up activity of his/her choice and record the activity in the sign-in notebook located in the classroom. Make-up options and details are listed below.

Parenting Meeting Make-up Options:
• Attend a board meeting, one per year counts as a make-up activity.
• Participate in a parenting education book club meeting.
• Attend a First aid/CPR class. A First aid/CPR class counts as TWO make-up activities.
• Attend a parent education meeting at another school. This may include the PTA at your local elementary school, another co-op, or through BTC.
• Attend a community parent education event.
• In coordination with your child’s teacher, conduct a special project related to curriculum in the classroom.
• Read a book or article or visit a website that has info on parenting. Email a review to the WCC Facilitator. Include the following in your email review: Something new you learned, something you liked & something you didn’t like and how you will integrate this information into your parenting practices (or not!)
• Attend kindergarten open house at your child’s elementary school or at a private school.
• Ask the WCC Facilitator to provide a video on a parenting or educational topic.
• Propose a make-up activity or project to the WCC Facilitator.

For more information, contact Alisson Bonner, WCC Parenting Educator at abonner@whatcom.edu or Carolina Olza-Kelsh, WCC Parenting Educator at colza@whatcom.edu