Rave Reviews from Parents

Toddler and parent helper on the playground at Children's Co-Op Preschool in Bellingham, WA

Parent helper and toddler play on the private, fenced outdoor playground

“The cooperative preschool model is unique, fun and effective, and I can’t recommend it highly enough to other parents of young children.  Taking the information from the parent meetings and turning it into experience and learning in her classroom was empowering at the time and now, with my kids in public school, I can see that the collaborative and dynamic environment I experienced at the Co-op was as wonderful a gift for myself as it was for my kids.”    —Carolyn, mother of two

“My children and I met some of our best friends in the program! The kids really benefit from the social skills taught, modeled and encouraged every day in class. As a mom, I especially appreciated the support and advice from the other parents, teachers, and Whatcom Community College advisers. I always came away from the parent meetings having learned something new to help deal with everyday family issues.”    — Sally, mother of two

Both of our boys went through all three years at the Children’s Co-Op Preschool, and it was a great experience for them and for us as a family.  Daravan and Heidi are just the people you want in the classroom teaching your young children—they are warm, patient, energetic, creative and fun.  The Co-Op offers kids such an array of activities that build their social and developmental skills—from myriad art projects and playtime outside or in the “Big Room” on rainy days, to quiet story time and interesting field trips.  I especially appreciated how the Pre-K class prepares the children for Kindergarten without jumping too deep into academics before they are ready.  The parent education component was also very useful, covering critical parenting topics and provoking heartfelt discussion. We can’t recommend the Co-Op enough!  –Shannon, mother of two