Toddler class reading at Children's cooperative preschool in Bellingham, WAA Green and Healthy School

Children’s Co-Op Preschool is committed to providing a healthy and nurturing environment where our children can learn and grow. Limiting children’s exposure to environmental toxins is important for their health and development. Parents and teachers work together to ensure a healthy school environment through:

  • Using non-toxic soaps and cleaning supplies;
  • Serving organic snacks in the toddler class;
  • Providing non-toxic art supplies and toys;
  • Carrying out daily classroom cleanings and periodic deep cleanings to reduce toxic residue from dust;
  • Using a Reduce/Reuse/Recycle approach to resource use;
  • Participating in the FoodPlus! recycling program;
  • Carrying out periodic environmental testing and abatement;
  • Using the photocopy machine on off-hours and with the office window cracked, so as to avoid exposing the children to fumes; and,
  • Maintaining good ventilation in the classrooms–keeping a cracked window even in winter–especially after spraying the eating tables with bleach water as mandated by the State of Washington.

In recent years, scientists have documented an important correlation between illness and exposure to environmental contaminants. Studies point to synthetic chemicals and heavy metals in everyday consumer products we buy for our homes, offices, and schools as possible causes of serious health concerns, including birth defects, reproductive/developmental/behavioral disorders, and cancers. Children are reaching puberty earlier, and more children are being diagnosed with autism, asthma, and learning disabilities. Many scientists believe the increased chemical exposure plays a key role in the rise of these ailments.

While we cannot avoid all chemical exposure, we do have control over the food and products we use in our homes and schools. It is with this in mind that Children’s Co-Op Preschool is a “green” school, committed to protecting the students’ health.